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SDCC 2018: New Halloween Clip Shows Michael Myers' Random Brutality

"This is a woman that's been waiting 40 years."


With Halloween heading back to theaters and changing the canon for the long-running horror series, it's time to clear some things up. Jamie Lee Curtis, along with the new Halloween's director and producers, came to San Diego Comic-Con armed with footage and some hints about what the past 40 years have been like for Laurie Strode since the horrible events of that Halloween night.

"Laurie Strode was 17 years old when she was brutally attacked by Michael Myers, a random act of violence," Curtis told the audience. "She has carried the trauma and PTSD of someone who was attacked randomly."

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That statement alone changes so much of what fans have come to know about Michael Myers and his murderous ways in the movies that followed the first Halloween. As previously revealed, the twist that he's actually Laurie's brother is gone. Instead, there was no real reason he stalked and tried to kill Laurie in that film, other than that he's just a psychotic killer. Now, though, it's been 40 years and she's been training for his eventual return. She's ready to take back her life from the man that carelessly tried to end it.

"What we're honoring today, there comes a point where you say, 'I am not my trauma. The narrative of my life is I am not the victim,'" the actress explained. "This is a woman that's been waiting 40 years."

Before she can face that trauma head-on, though, an escaped Myers is going to do what he's best at, and that's killing as many people as he possibly can. Keeping with the idea that he kills randomly, the Comic-Con audience was treated to an extended clip from the film, which shows Myers stalking the streets once again on Halloween night.

In the short look at the film, which has not been released online, the masked maniac slips into one house and murders a woman in her kitchen with a hammer. He then takes the knife she was using to carve a ham and continues on his quest, passing by trick or treaters on the way. Upon finding his next victim, Myers slips into her house unnoticed and jams the knife into the back of her neck.

This is the first truly gory shot fans have seen of the film and it's clear Blumhouse is pulling no punches when it comes to the brutality on display from Myers--and likely Laurie, as she confronts her life's tormentor.

Halloween is in theaters on October 19.

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