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Scream 6 4K Blu-Ray Preorders Are Steeply Discounted

Preorder the steelbook version discount for as much as 23% off.


Scream 6 premiered in theaters last week, but the 4K Blu-ray edition is already available for preorder from a few online retailers, and at a pretty nice discount, too.

Scream fans can secure a steelbook edition of the 4K Blu-ray for $35 at Walmart. Preorders for the same edition are available at Amazon as well, but the price is $49 at the moment. Amazon was offering the deal as well. Since it disappeared already, we recommend preordering at Walmart ASAP if interested.

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While the Scream 6 Blu-ray doesn’t have a set release date yet, preordering now from either retailer locks you in for the lowest price guarantee, so you’ll only pay the lowest-possible price even if the final MSRP increases before release.

Scream 6 is the latest in the cult-classic horror franchise beloved by fans for the way it satirizes and pays homage to the genre in equal measure. Scream 6 continues this tradition, taking the franchise from the small town of Woodsboro to New York City for the first time, while furthering the story of the new protagonists Sam Carpenter (Melissa Barrera) and her sister Tara (Jenna Ortega) that started with 2022’s Scream. Series regular Courtney Cox reprises her role as Gale Weathers.

In GameSpot’s Scream 6 review, Megan Vick scored the film 8/10 and praised directors Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett for taking risks that “make everything bigger as a sequel should do, but their feet remain fully planted on the holy ground paved before them.”

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