Scandal First-Impression

Read all about the cinematic drama from Sugar and Rockets and Production I.G.


Sugar and Rockets, the developer of Ghost in the Shell, Jumping Flash 3, and, most recently, Chase the Express (Covert Ops: Nuclear Dawn on these shores) is currently working on Scandal, an interactive drama for the PS2.

The fifth of Sugar and Rocket's "yarudora" (interactive films, of sorts) titles, Scandal is being developed in conjunction with Japanese animation giant Production I.G. Supposedly boasting a production of theatrical-release quality, Scandal's three-hour narrative will revolve around a couple of freelance photographers who snap a shot that threatens the operations of certain underworld organizations.

A situation rich with dramatic potential, to be sure, but one that will, sadly, most likely exist outside of our linguistic boundaries - at this point, it looks as if Scandal won't be released stateside.

We'll keep on top of this one, nonetheless, and keep you informed on its developments. Stay tuned.

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