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Saw 11 And The Crow Delayed By Lionsgate

For the horror franchise, the game won't continue this year after all.


Do you want to play a game of release date shuffling? Well, Lionsgate does, as the studio has shifted two notable upcoming films: Saw 11 and The Crow starring Bill Skarsgård. The former has been delayed almost a full year, while the former sees a smaller change.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Saw 11 will now premiere theatrically on September 26, 2025. In December, when the horror sequel was announced after Saw X's success, the film was slated to arrive September 27 of this year. So, "the game continues," just not when we originally thought. Saw X saw generally favorable reviews and actually went back in time, canonically taking place between the first and second installments in the series.

Meanwhile, The Crow will hit the silver screen on August 23, 2024 instead of June 7. That's a much shorter delay for the remake, which also features FKA twigs alongside Skarsgård. Last month, the first trailer for the new Crow showed Eric Draven seeking vengeance.

The Crow reboot will come 30 years after the original debuted in theaters. The star of that film, Brandon Lee, was tragically killed during the superhero movie's production. A remake has been in the works for over a decade at this point. Previous actors attached to the project as Draven included Bradley Cooper and Jason Mamoa.

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