Samurai Shodown Zero for PS2 confirmed

SNK is bringing its classic NeoGeo fighting game to a next-gen console, confirming rumors.


TOKYO--SNK Playmore has confirmed it will be releasing a PS2 port of the NeoGeo fighting game, Samurai Shodown Zero. The company has not commented on a release date yet.

The announcement comes only one week after EBGames began accepting preorders of Samurai Shodown 5 for the PS2, which is presumably the same game. EBGames is taking preorders at the retail price of $39.99, with a shipping date noted as June 16, 2004.

In related news, SNK Playmore also announced a number of other titles for a number of platforms. The company will be releasing the King of Fighters 2003 on the NeoGeo home console on March 11, at the price of ¥38,000 ($350). Metal Slug 5 will be released on the same console and the same price, one month earlier on February 19. The company will also release the King of Fighters 2001 for the Sega Dreamcast on January 22 at ¥2,800 ($26.00), and the King of Fighters 2002 for the PS2 at a still-unannounced date.

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