Sammy Studios announces Guilty Gear Isuka

Latest iteration of 2D fighter will offer new characters and four-player competition on the PS2.


Today Sammy Studios announced that it will bring Guilty Gear Isuka, the latest installment in the Guilty Gear 2D fighting franchise, to the PlayStation 2. Currently available for play on the Atomiswave arcade hardware in Japan, the home version of Guilty Gear Isuka is in development at Arc System Works and will be available in Q4 of 2004. In spite of the predominant use of 3D graphics in fighting games today, Isuka will maintain the Guilty Gear series' trademark of using high-resolution 2D animation for its characters.

Guilty Gear Isuka will add three characters to the series' existing playable fighter roster, which brings the roster's total to 23. The game will feature a new customization mode that will let players modify their characters by earning new fighting moves and costume options. New gameplay features include a side-scrolling action game mode and four-player support, which will allow for two-versus-two or four-versus-AI matches.

The game will also flesh out the storyline of the Guilty Gear universe by pitting players against superhuman soldiers called "gears," which are the result of the fusion between human and animal DNA. The game's story and characters were conceived by Daisuke Ishiwatari.

We'll bring you more on Guilty Gear Isuka as it becomes available.

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