Saints Row: The Third gets stand-alone expansion

$30 Enter the Dominatrix introduces super powers to open-world crime series, arrives on Xbox 360, PS3, PC this fall.


Saints Row: The Third is likely to get even more ridiculous, as THQ today announced Enter the Dominatrix, a stand-alone expansion to last year's over-the-top open-world crime game.

Anyone up for another dose of Saints Row: The Third?
Anyone up for another dose of Saints Row: The Third?

Set for release on the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, Enter the Dominatrix will introduce super powers to the world of Saints Row. The game will see the Third Street Saints targeted by aliens who view their leader as the only possible impediment to their plans for world domination. To eliminate that impediment, the aliens kidnap the gang's leader and trap him in a virtual replica of Third Street Saints stomping ground Steelport nicknamed the Dominatrix.

The original Saints Row: The Third launched last November to a strong critical reception. The game picked up with the Third Street Saints after the gang had grown to the point of becoming a brand, complete with licensed sneakers, energy drinks, and bobbleheads. However, that success put them at odds with a criminal fraternity called the Syndicate, drawing the group into a new turf war. The game has been added to four times through downloadable content, but Enter the Dominatrix will be the first stand-alone expansion for Saints Row: The Third.

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