Ryan Reynolds Will Star In Another Video Game Movie, This Time For Netflix

The popular Deadpool actor is reportedly in talks to star in a movie version of Dragon's Lair.


Ryan Reynolds is set to star in another video game movie. Following his starring role as Pikachu in Detective Pikachu and as the main character in Free Guy, he is in talks to play Dirk the Daring in a new Dragon's Lair movie for Netflix, according to The Hollywood Reporter and confirmed by Netflix.

Netflix reportedly negotiated for "almost a year" before closing a deal to get the Dragon's Lair movie rights. The Lego Movie writers Dan and Kevin Hageman will write the script, but no director has been named of as yet.

Dragon's Lair creators Don Bluth and Gary Goldman will produce the movie, alongside The Departed producer Roy Lee. The story follows a knight, Dirk the Daring, who embarks on a quest to save Princess Daphne from an evil dragon and a wizard.

In 2015, Bluth and Goldman raised more than $650,000 to create a Dragon's Lair movie concept to pitch to studios. It seems that effort has finally paid off, with this new deal on Netflix.

Bluth and Goldman are legendary animators who made the movies All Dogs Go to Heaven, The Land Before Time, and Anastasia, among many others. Bluth and Goldman spoke to GameSpot in 2015 about their plans for the Dragon's Lair, and how in particular they didn't want to create a "sexualized" version of Daphne. Check out GameSpot's full interview here.

As for Reynolds, this would be his third Netflix movie, following Six Underground and Red Notice (which hasn't been released yet). Reynolds' next video game movie, Free Guy, follows a man who learns he is an NPC in a video game. The movie is set to open in July, but whether or not the COVID-19 crisis impacts its release plans is unknown.

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