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Rust Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One This Spring

The multiplayer survival game has come a long way since its early access days.


Rust is finally coming to consoles soon, with PS4 and Xbox One versions now scheduled to release in Spring 2021. The survival game has been enjoying a great deal of success as of late, thanks to Twitch streamers giving the PC version a boost. The previously announced Rust: Console Edition is still without an exact release date, but that version's publisher, Double Eleven, has narrowed down the release window to this spring.

While that launch will span both last-gen PlayStation and Xbox platforms, there's no word on a native current-gen release. However, backwards compatibility should allow you to play Rust on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S.

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Rust is currently undergoing a closed beta for consoles that is expected to last a few weeks. Double Eleven is handling the console versions and previously worked on games like Prison Architect and Minecraft Dungeons. Double Eleven is also publishing the game, unlike the PC version, which is developed and published by Garry's Mod studio Facepunch.

Updates have expanded the game greatly since its early access launch. You can take many different approaches to survival, from killing everyone in your path to working together as a group.

"The title has evolved from its earliest days as a primal-survival game to one that stands out among its competitors--featuring shockingly detailed worlds to explore and build in, filled with a variety of gameplay styles, weapons, crafts, and above all else: combat," Double Eleven said in its announcement.

Huge streamers like Pokimane and Shroud helped to reignite interest in Rust in early January. It became one of the most-watched games on Twitch and even became one of the most popular games on Steam.

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