Rural Life-Sim Spirittea Blends Stardew Valley With Spirited Away, Coming Later This Year

If a fusion of wholesome game influences and classic anime are your cup of tea, then Spirittea might interest you.


Spirittea, a rural life-sim set in East Asia, has been officially announced by developer Cheesemaster Games and publisher No More Robots. Described as a cross between Stardew Valley and the acclaimed anime film Spirited Away, Spirittea tasks you with restoring an old bathhouse that can help restless spirits find peace in the afterlife.

After accidentally drinking from an old mystical teapot, the protagonist of Spirittea gains the ability to see the spirit world. Players will find local NPCs and spirits to help as they live through each day, take part in different hobbies that range from bug catching to karaoke, and upgrade their bathhouse.

Once a spirit arrives at your inn, you can offer them towels, salts, snacks, and a hot soak. More upgrades mean better amenities, and you'll be able to add new furniture, rooms, and baths to your little getaway which in turn attracts more fascinating and powerful spirits.


Spirittea will launch later this year on PC and console. If you're planning to grab it on PC, the Steam Page for Spirittea is now live.

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