Rogue Spear Preview

The sequel to Rainbow Six is coming to the PlayStation. Get briefed with our series of previews, soldier.


Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear

Following the success of the PC version of Rogue Spear, Saffire has decided to port the game to the PlayStation. While Rainbow Six, the previous installment in the series, didn't fare too well on Sony's console, Saffire no doubt intends to compensate for the series' dodgy past.

Unlike its predecessor, Rogue Spear will reportedly "stay true to the most popular elements of the PC game." The PC game allows for strategic planning prior to a mission, before the shift into the actual FPS game. Team members are strategically placed via a tactical map, and commands are issued to them, dictating the courses of action they'll take. The series is markedly more realistic than others in the genre - one shot, oddly enough, is enough to kill a person in the world of Rogue Spear. This takes the emphasis off of itchy-trigger-finger shooting and places it on strategy.

New to the series in Rogue Spear is the addition of snipers. Sniper weapons will now be an alternative, and team members will have sniper skill levels, which measure their proficiency in the art. Given the "one shot kills" rule, the addition of the sniper elements should prove very interesting indeed, provided Saffire implements them into the PlayStation version in a meaningful way. Also, movement while crouching will now be possible, as will the ability to peek around corners (integral to stealth, as exposing your body as little as possible is a good way to avoid contact with bullets). Also, new characters and weapons (including several sniper rifles) will be added to the mix, which should greatly aid Rogue Spear's cause, provided Saffire does a better job than Rebellion did when it developed the original Rainbow Six for PlayStation.

Rogue Spear is slated for a Q4 2000 release. Keep your eyes on this space for the latest info on the game as it develops.

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