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Rogue Lords Makes You The Devil, And Dracula Is Your Minion

Rogue Lords mixes rogue-like mechanics with turn-based combat and a few special tricks.


If you've ever wanted to become the devil and control an army of classic storybook villains, Rogue Lords is exactly what you need. Developed by Cyanide, the rogue-like turn-based game puts you in control of the prince of darkness, and classic villains from literature--including Dracula--are available to use in combat.

Each run in Rogue Lords will end when your own health bar goes to zero. If one of your minions is damaged, you will become vulnerable, but you can use a special "souls" system to manipulate the game's own interface. By doing this, you can access little tricks, such as lowering the enemy's health bar before delivering an attack.

The turn-based combat makes use of cards, and every skill costs action points. If you're good enough, you can create combo attacks, delivering even more damage.

Rogue Lords will be available for Xbox One, PS4, Switch, and Steam in 2021.

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