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Rockstar outlines user upload policy on GTAV launch day

Parent company Take-Two says it is "happy for fans" to upload gameplay footage, but says videos with spoilers and in-game entertainment will be flagged for removal.


Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two Interactive has laid out its policy concerning copyright material as Grand Theft Auto V launches today.

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In a post on the Rockstar Games Support page, the company said Take-Two Interactive is "happy for fans" to upload gameplay footage, but outlined a few guidelines that gamers should adhere to unless they want to receive a takedown notice.

The first relates to spoilers. Videos showing the end of the game, pure cutscenes, or any other "big reveal" from the story will be flagged for removal. Take-Two said it is OK to show cutscenes as part of a larger playthrough, but isolated cinematics will be removed.

In addition, videos featuring in-game entertainment like TV shows or other performances will be removed. "We prefer fans to experience these in the context of the game's world," Take-Two said.

Overall, Take-Two said it has the right to remove any content it finds "objectionable" on a case-by-case basis and also to change its policy whenever it wishes. Questions about this policy can be directed at Take-Two via

GTAV launched today for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Rockstar Games has released two iOS apps for the game: iFruit and GTAV: The Manual.

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