Rocket League Passes 14 Million Users, Next Crossover Promo Detailed

New heights for the soccer-with-cars game.


Rocket League continues to soar. Developer Psyonix has announced the soccer-with-cars game has now reached 14 million players. This doesn't mean the game has sold that many copies, but whatever the case, 14 million is a big number and one that Psyonix is thankful for.

"Our gratitude is real. Thank you very much, everyone!" the studio said on Twitter.

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This is up from 12 million at the end of February. Also at the time, Psyonix explained that, since Rocket League offers split-screen play, each individual PlayStation Network and Xbox Gamertag is counted. This means the figure includes people who played Rocket League, but didn't necessarily buy a copy

In terms of actual sales, that number stands at nearly 4 million, Psyonix marketing executive Jeremy Dunham said in February. This counts the number of copies sold across PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. This number does not include copies downloaded on PS4 in July 2015 when it was free for all PlayStation Plus members.

Rocket League's total download number has not been shared--and it's unlikely that it will be. If Psyonix did divulge the cumulative download number, it's possible that it could be deduced how many copies were given away on PS Plus in July, a figure Sony would probably like to keep under wraps.

The total number of Rocket League players will always be significantly higher than actual sales and download numbers because it combines individual split-screen players and those that downloaded it through PS Plus into one overall figure.

Whatever the case, Rocket League is a hit. Developed on a budget of $2 million, the game has now brought in more than $70 million in revenue from game and DLC sales.

Rocket League's success will hopefully allow Psyonix to stop doing so much contract work and invest more in its own franchises, CEO Dave Hagewood recently said. Some of Psyonix's high-profile contract jobs have included working on the multiplayer modes for Bulletstorm and Mass Effect 3.

"We're definitely all in on Rocket League, but we have a pretty large team, actually, compared to what it took us to build Rocket League in the first place," Hagewood explained. "It's more than what we actually need to be all in on Rocket League, to do almost everything we want to do to continue Rocket League. We do want Rocket League to be this base that kind of replaces that contract work revenue that kept us stable for so long."

A physical version of Rocket League for PS4, Xbox One, and PC is coming this summer. In other news, Goat Simulator items are coming to the game, while Psyonix has announced a partnership with SCS Software to bring content from the Euro Truck Simulator franchise to Rocket League.

Not only that, but Euro Truck Simulator players are getting new Rocket League items as part of the crossover event. Take a look at these items, as well as the Goat Simulator wares, in the gallery above.

Additionally, the latest Rocket League patch has been released. It lowers the game's ESRB rating and makes ball adjustements, among thing things. Looking ahead, a new basketball mode called Hoops is coming this month.

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