Rise of Kingoms Adds In Ancient Egypt In 'Egypt Must Rise' Update

Ancient Egypt brings the total number of civilizations in the game up to 13.


Lilith Games has announced the next playable civilization coming to the MMOSLG Rise of Kingdoms: ancient Egypt.

The developer announced the addition of ancient Egypt last week (June 16), saying that this new update comes with a "robust new storyline, the 'Egypt Must Rise!' update" that apparently "dramatically expands Rise of Kingdoms' deep RTS gameplay." Players can now experience the update on both PC and mobile platforms.

Rise of Kingdoms key art.
Rise of Kingdoms key art.

"Powerful, intelligent, strategic, and undoubtedly stylish, ancient Egypt ruled for almost 30 centuries before its conquest by Alexander the Great in 332 B.C," reads a press release. "Now, their civilization and all their boons enter the scene in Rise of Kingdoms, giving players a whole new fascinating society to explore and lead to opulence."

The update doesn't just add in ancient Egypt as a new civilization, however. It also adds new Commanders, including Imhotep, "expert pyramid architect and high priest," as well as "'The Warrior King' himself, Thurmose III."

On top of this addition, Rise of Kingdoms already offers 13 "historically accurate kingdoms to command," including countries like Britain, Spain, Germany, France, Japan, and the Vikings.

For those unfamiliar with the genre, MMOSLG stands for massively multiplayer online simulation game, so it blends MMO-style gameplay with simulation-game style gameplay. Battles are in real time, and take place across a huge, open map.

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