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RimWorld Gets New Console Edition Trailer

The indie space colony sim is finally coming to consoles at the end of the month.


After five years in early access and another four in full release on PC, space colony simulator RimWorld is finally coming to console on July 29 with RimWorld Console Edition. Developer Ludeon Studios has released a new trailer for the release, condensing some of the game's complex AI-driven scenarios into a simple explainer for new players.

RimWorld sees players managing a colony an inhospitable rimworld, with colonists working hard to build shelters, gather resources, and research new technologies. Colonies will face threats from the natural world, as well as bands of raiders who will lay siege to players' carefully constructed settlements.

RimWorld's in-depth system gives players plenty of options to handle each scenario--for example, injured raiders can be captured, converted to the player's colony, or even harvested for their organs. Each option will have its own repercussions, drastically changing the course of each game.

While the gameplay will be unchanged from the PC version, the console editions required a dramatic rework of RimWorld's UI, originally designed for a mouse and keyboard setup. The control scheme has been rebuilt from the ground up, with the console edition making use of input modifiers and context-sensitive menus to make the most of controllers' limited inputs.

RimWorld Console Edition will be releasing for the PS4 and Xbox One on July 29, and will also be playable on new-generation consoles through backwards compatibility. The console edition will cost $40, and all players who preorder the game will get a three-day headstart as well as the Royalty expansion.

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