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Reviving Resident Evil: The Complete Capcom Japan Interview

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We talk to the developers behind Resident Evil 7 about building a new future for the franchise.

GameSpot recently published a two-part video series dedicated to rise, fall, and future of Resident Evil. As part of its creation we interviewed a number of Capcom developers involved in the development of Resident Evil 7.

The interview features Resident Evil 7 director Koshi Nakanishi, as well as producers Masachika Kawata and Jun Takeuchi, who discuss why they decided to reinvent Resident Evil for its latest entry, whether it looked at indie games for inspiration, and the future of the franchise.

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While the most pertinent quotes were featured in the videos, there was a considerable amount of unused material that we felt fans of the series would appreciate reading. With that in mind we've collated these interviews into one, larger piece which you can read below.

GameSpot: What was it that made you realize that Resident Evil needed to be reworked for the seventh entry?

Takeuchi: After our sixth [Resident Evil] we got a lot of feedback from fans. I think a lot of fans loved that game. It's a dream team collaboration of all their favorite heroes working together. At the same time, we know there's feedback that people thought we're going too far down the road of action horror rather than survival horror. That was great timing because internally we also felt this is the time for us to just take a step back and re-evaluate what survival horror and Resident Evil means to us. It was really just the fact that the timing of what the fans wanted and we wanted to do next matched up. It gave me the confidence to do something radical and reinvent the series.

Kawata: In the beginning, when we were just going for the conceptual stage, a lot of ideas came about. At the end of the day we settled on the fact that Resident Evil really is a franchise based around horror. We figured, "This time around, let's just double down on horror."

After we made that decision, it was, "What do we need to do in order to make sure that we're able to offer the player the ultimate horror experience?" That was what led to the decision of going from third-person perspective to first-person perspective. We figured this would be the best way of allowing player immersion. In terms of characters, we figured, "Let's not have previous characters make an appearance." Lead characters really blend in better with the survival horror aspects when we're able to allow the player to empathize with this really average character.

Nakanishi: In terms of the change of direction, Takeuchi-san decided it's going to go more in line with [acclaimed 1981 horror film] The Evil Dead where it's more in this compact space. My first reaction to this was actually, "Whoa, are you serious? We're going to change it that drastically?" I was definitely surprised, but at the same time I love challenges. I'm not going to [shy] away from them. Instead, those are the things that excite me personally. Obviously, there was a little bit of insecurity in terms of like, "Where are we going to take this?" We did get a lot of positive feedback internally as well in terms of like, "Yeah, this direction is going to work. Let's roll with it." I was able to take that positive feedback and move forward as well.

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