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Review Roundup For NHL 22

Here's a compilation of NHL 22 reviews and scores from around the web.


NHL 22, the ice hockey league simulation, released on October 15. Though GameSpot didn't do a review of our own for NHL 22, we've rounded up other critics' reviews below. You can check them out to see if NHL 22 is worth your time and money.

NHL 22 is the first in the series to run on EA's Frostbite--now used for almost all EA games--making the gameplay smoother than previous NHL games. Next-gen visuals and new X-Factor abilities headlined NHL 22's release.

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Generally, reviewers had a favorable impression of NHL 22's gameplay and stated that fans of the franchise's previous iterations would like NHL 22. But some critics wondered if the $60 price tag attached was reasonable for a game that is quite similar to NHL 21.

You can check out GameSpot sister site Metacritic for a more detailed breakdown of reviews around the web.

  • Game: NHL 22
  • Platforms: PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S
  • Developer: EA Vancouver
  • Release Date: October 15, 2021
  • Price: $60

Screenrant -- 4/5

"At this point, consumers are likely well aware of whether EA Sports' NHL franchise is something that appeals to them, and NHL 22 won't change that. With that said, for the series faithful or someone that skipped out on NHL 21, there's a lot to enjoy in the current-gen polish that the Frostbite Engine and the more powerful hardware bring with them. At the end of the day, NHL 22 is the de facto hockey gaming experience and the energy that went into refining the current product was not spent in vain." -- Riley Little [Full Review]

Push Square -- 6/10

"NHL 22 surprises by making its debut on a new console without removing any of its modes, but those who played NHL 21 may find this version a little too familiar. X-Factors on paper should be a game-changer but are mostly underwhelming. The switch to Frostbite does massively improve the fidelity of the rink--even if character models still look downright demonic--but should that really be the biggest change to the game? The ultimate question is: can the price increase be justified on the PS5? And given how little really has changed from last year to this year, the answer has to be a 'no'." -- Graham Banas [Full Review]

Dexerto -- 6/10

"The end result is a sandbox that I’m happy to return to, but dear lord, not for $60. If this was a $20 upgrade for those who bought NHL 21, then sure. That would be fantastic. But I just can’t recommend this game to anyone who bought last year’s installment unless you’re the world’s biggest hockey fan. If you’re completely new to EA’s NHL series, then by all means, this is a must-play and would be a 9/10 otherwise. For myself, however, I’ve been there and I’ve done this. In some cases many years ago. It’s time for something new." -- Michael Gwilliam [Full Review]

Bleacher Report -- Unscored

"If last year was a holding pattern of sorts for this series, NHL 22 is a big step forward. No, every mode doesn't have some big shiny new feature. But the game leans into the next-generation hardware to provide what matters most—better gameplay on the ice and overall immersion. This is the biggest leap the series has seen on the ice in a long time. It now both resembles the real-life product and asks a little more of players in the way of skill. The arcade modes and even a collector's haven are there, too, but everything pales compared to just how souped-up the gameplay feels." -- Chris Roling [Full Review]

Sports Illustrated -- Unscored

"In the end, there's only so much you can change about a video game based on hockey. You can't build a compelling story mode. You can't change the rules. It's hockey, simple as that. To draw people in beyond roster and team updates, you need enthralling game modes. While there isn't a single big 'WOW' factor to this game, it's better than previous iterations. You truly have to look at this as a transition into the future, with the move to the Frostbite engine and first real crack at next-gen gaming...So, should you get it? If you enjoy the series, it'll feel like a nice move up. If you're new to hockey, this is a fantastic starting point. If you're on PS4 or Xbox One and looking for a much different experience, you're not getting it with this. If you're looking for major steps up, you're not getting it." -- Steven Ellis [Full Review]

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