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Review Roundup For Alone In The Dark

No safe Harbour.


After a lengthy absence, Alone in the Dark is back and ready to scare a new generation of gamers. But is it any good? Reviews have gone live for the remake of the original game, and so far, the reception has been lukewarm. Critics have praised the eye for detail and authenticity in this remake of the beloved horror game, but have also criticized Alone in the Dark for its janky controls, pointless stealth, and poor puzzle design.

"This isn't Alone in the Dark's first revival attempt, and it's probably not its last, but it isn't the one that will put the series' name in the same breath as the all-time greats it originally helped inspire," Mark Delaney wrote in GameSpot's Alone in the Dark review.

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On GameSpot's sister site Metacritic, Alone in the Dark currently has a Metascore of 64 from 63 reviews, which translates to "mixed or average" at best. While it looks likely that Alone in the Dark won't be this year's most memorable horror game, fright fans can look forward to several other spooky titles this year. Pacific Drive, a roguelite trek across the Pacific Northwest, is already out, while the rest of the year is headlined by Still Wakes the Deep, a remake of Silent Hill 2, and the PT-influenced Luto.

  • Game: Alone in the Dark
  • Platform: PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S
  • Developer: Pieces Interactive
  • Release Date: March 20
  • Price: $60

GameSpot -- 4/10

"With its reality-bending story, parade of puzzles, and unwieldy combat, Alone in the Dark is, in some ways, more faithful to some turn-of-the-century horror games than their own revitalized modern remakes. I enjoyed the game's story, setting, and abundant lore, and I felt smart when I'd overcome some of its puzzles. But others proved so obtuse as to be frustrating, and nothing about the combat even climbs to a level I'd call serviceable--it's consistently poor." -- Mark Delaney [Full review]

COG Connected -- 84/100

"Alone in the Dark is an impressive reimagining that successfully revitalizes the franchise. Instead of leaning into the action elements that have become more prevalent in the genre, Pieces Interactive respects its DNA by opting to focus on the puzzle aspect of the adventure. As a result, the game carves its own niche which will lure fans of the genre." -- Jaz Sagoo [Full review]

IGN -- 6/10

"While this remake is undoubtedly a step up from the three-decades-old original, Alone in the Dark fails to escape the shadows of the other contemporary survival horror titans that it helped spawn." -- Tristan Ogilvie [Full review]

NME -- 2/5

"Derceto Manor wears its years well, but Alone In The Dark comes across as a dated patchwork of ideas. There's a stealth feature you'll never use, while boss fights--which are only introduced at the very end--feel like tacked-on gimmicks. Dated visuals make characters unsettling to look too closely at, while conversations with the mansion's residents can sound a little stiff and lifeless. Ultimately, it's the immersion-breaking bugs, janky combat, and alarming lack of scares that fumble Alone In The Dark’s potential." -- Andy Brown [Full review]

Eurogamer -- 2/5

"If a puzzle-heavy action horror game has repetitive puzzles, poor combat, and little-to-no horror… well, what's left? Sadly, not even a Hollywood cast is enough to gloss over Alone in the Dark's considerable flaws." -- Vikki Blake [Full review]

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