Revenge of the Sith now in stores

Star Wars Episode III now hacking up multiple platforms; game features Anakin and Obi-Wan as playable Jedi.


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As elder Jedi Yoda would say: "Shipped Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith has." The latest game based on the sci-fi phenomenon is now in stores for the Xbox, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, and DS. LucasArts is publishing the console editions, and French game studio Ubisoft developed and published the portable versions. A mobile version was released last month, and a PSP version is slated to be released later this year. Revenge of the Sith is rated T for Teen and retails for $49.99.

Fans of the Star Wars films who can't wait two weeks for the theatrical release of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith will be happy to know the game features almost 12 minutes of footage from the movie and follows the same story. The game's plot will also expand on ideas briefly touched on by the film.

The third-person action game features some minor role-playing elements. Gamers will be able to play as both Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, and they can get their Jedi on with a broad range of Force powers and lightsaber-swingin' action. As players progress through Revenge of the Sith, they will be able to both strengthen their mystical powers and push opponents with the flick of a wrist, in addition to even being able to shoot lightning from their fingertips.

The single-player campaign features 18 missions set in locations from the movie. Each mission has a set of objectives to complete, and finishing missions will unlock a slew of extras, including bonus missions featuring additional playable characters and special cooperative-based missions that let Anakin and Obi-Wan fight together.

A multiplayer mode lets Jedi duel against one another in arenalike combat. Nine fighters are available, including Count Dooku, General Grievous, and Mace Windu. The combatants will square off in 15 settings, all based on locations from the movie.

Revenge of the Sith for the Xbox and PS2 was developed by The Collective, which previously worked on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Indiana Jones and the Emperor's Tomb. The company is now working on the upcoming Mark Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure. The development house recently merged with Death Jr. creator Backbone to establish Foundation 9, the largest independent studio in North America.

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