Retailers raising Wii displays

Reports from Louisiana already have retailers already hocking accessories for Nintendo's next-gen console, which goes on sale November 19.


In less than a month, the Nintendo Wii will be available across America. However, it now appears that retailers are already setting up retail displays for the next-gen console, which itself won't be available until Sunday, November 19.

A Louisiana Target Wii display.
A Louisiana Target Wii display.

According to a series of online reports, the local Target in Lafayette, Louisiana, has already launched displays offering Wii merchandise. Called "endcaps" in retailer parlance, the display offers a variety of accessories for the next-gen console, including colored sleeves for the so-called "Wiimote" controller in red, blue, green, and black. Also on display are booklets for Wii game discs, which will be the same size and shape as regular DVDs, even though the console does not offer DVD playback like the Xbox, Xbox 360, PlayStation 2, or PlayStation 3 do.

For more information on the looming debut of Nintendo's next-gen console, visit GameSpot's Wii launch center.

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