Retail Radar: Guilty Gear on Wii, Senko no Rondo, Hoshigami

US retailers open preorders for a new round of Japanese imports in the fighting, shooting, and strategy genres.


Japanophiles might be looking at a wealth of imported offerings from the East in the coming months. In addition to confirmed games like Ar Tornelico: Melody of Elemia, Culdcept Saga, Kororinpa: Marble Mania, and Earth Defense Force X, a number of niche import offerings have been showing up on retailer Web sites lately, including new installments in the Guilty Gear series of fighters, a revamp of an original PlayStation strategy game, and a port of an Xbox 360-exclusive shooter.

Subscription rental site GameFly currently has listings for two new Guilty Gear games, Guilty Gear XX Slash for the PlayStation 2 and Guilty Gear XX Accent Core for the Wii. Originally released in the arcades, Guilty Gear XX Slash is an upgraded version of Guilty Gear X2 #Reload (which was itself an upgrade to Guilty Gear X2, the Guilty Gear X upgrade) and contains two new characters. Guilty Gear XX Accent Core is the series' latest entry in the arcades, and was only announced last August. According to GameFly, both titles are slated for a late-July release.

GameFly also has a posting for a much more methodically paced game, the DS edition of Hoshigami Remix: Ruining Blue Earth. The rental site lists a May 31 release date for the game, presumably a port of the 2001 original PlayStation strategy game Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth with added features.

Finally, CD Universe has a listing up for the character-based fighting shoot-'em-up Senko no Rondo on the Xbox 360. According to CD Universe, the game will ship in May, with Ubisoft as the publisher.

Please note, while retailer listings frequently jump the gun on publishers' product announcements, they should not be taken as final confirmation of a game's existence; nor should the absence of a listing be considered as proof that a game isn't coming to a given platform.

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