Retail Radar: $90 Guitar Hero II bundle, part II

Online stores are listing a steeper price for the Xbox 360 debut of Activision's top rocker, but where are the spare guitars?


In the debut Retail Radar article, there were dark tidings of a PlayStation 2 Guitar Hero II game-and-guitar bundle that would sell for $89.99. The game actually saw release at an $80 price point, but with the Xbox 360 release of Guitar Hero II on the horizon, retailers are once again expecting the price to approach $90.

Product listings for the Xbox 360 Guitar Hero II bundle on both and GameStop offer the package for $89.99. is listing an expected release date of March 27 for the game, while GameStop projects it to start shipping on April 3.

The pricing makes more sense, since many 360 games are typically $10 more than the once-standard $49.99 PS2 price point. The Xbox 360 version will also have extra downloadable songs made available for it, although Activision has yet to announce the pricing and number of tracks it will offer.

Perhaps of greater concern to would-be world-class ax-men, neither retailer has a listing for separate Xbox 360 Guitar Hero guitars, a vital purchase for players interested in trying out the game's multiplayer mode.

When contacted for comment about the price and whether or not extra guitars would be available from day one, a RedOctane representative told GameSpot, "At the moment, we aren't able to confirm the pricing or date of availability on stand-alone guitars yet, though hopefully we'll be able to make an official announcement closer to launch."

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