Resident Evil-Inspired Horror Game You Will Die Here Tonight Announced

You Will Die Here Tonight takes huge inspiration from Resident Evil.


Indie studio Spiral Bound Interactive has announced its first game, You Will Die Here Tonight, a survival-horror game heavily inspired by the original Resident Evil. In You Will Die Here Tonight, players are tasked with guiding six members of the Aries Division through a mansion filled with danger in a top-down view.

In You Will Die Here Tonight, death is a crucial element in-game. When players eventually die, you'll continue the game as another Aries member, picking where they left off and dealing with the choices you made before dying. In true survival-horror fashion, ammo is a sacred item and danger is waiting around every corner--with several twists and turns along the way.

You Will Die Here Tonight will feature a retro-Inspired look alongside a '90s-inspired 3D battle system. You will also be able to explore an abandoned mansion while discovering the truth of what's unraveling around them. At a moment's notice, the game could change from a top-down angle to a first-person arcade shooter where you'll be forced to fight for your life.

There'll be six playable characters in-game, and all of them will have a unique set of skills and personalities that'll determine how they handle certain situations.

You Will Die Here Tonight doesn't have a release date but is projected to come later this year on PC, and you can wishlist now on Steam.

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