Resident Evil 7 Preorder Bonus Images Leaked

We herb it through the grapevine.


Resident Evil 7 was announced alongside its preorder bonus DLC that unlocks the hardest difficulty early and grants players with an item pack. Now, images of the pack may have been leaked through Swedish retailer Discshop.

Four different item packs are shown on Discshop's Resident Evil 7 page: the Recovery Set, Handgun Set, Burner Set, and Chem Fluid Set. Nothing is confirmed about the sets, but some do come with classic Resident Evil items, such as herbs in the Recovery Set and ammo in the Handgun Set. The Chem Fluid Set appears to have some kind of healing item included and the Burner Set could be used in conjunction with the previously leaked flamethrower weapon--though this is all conjecture.

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Along with the items, each set is pictured with a coin of some sort. It's not clear if they'll be used as currency in Resident Evil 7 or if they have a more mysterious purpose like the dummy finger in the PS4-exclusive demo. The Recovery Set image matches one that was sent by Capcom to those subscribed to a Resident Evil newsletter--it also included the gold coin. We've contacted Capcom for confirmation and more information on this leak. We'll update this article as we hear back.

Resident Evil 7 is set to release for PS4, Xbox One, and PC on January 24, 2017. If you preorder its $80 Deluxe edition, you receive access to two more pieces of additional content. The first includes four short side stories, while the second adds another episode to the main game.

GameSpot recently got the opportunity to play the upcoming survival-horror game and found that it continues to break tradition.

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