Resident Evil 6 to receive second game-altering update next week

New title update will tweak difficulty and make quick-time events easier.


Resident Evil 6

Capcom has announced a second title update for Resident Evil 6, further tweaking the game's options and adding additional features to last year's often-criticised take on the survival horror series.

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The free update will go live on January 22 and offer a handful of changes, reports Capcom Unity, notably allowing the QTE Assist feature to be used across all difficulty levels, which should make the lives of anyone attempting a run-through on Professional a lot more bearable. Some unspecified levels have also had their difficulty tweaked.

There's also the option to replay specific levels from the game's lengthy chapters, which should make the serpent emblems a lot easier to collect.

Finally, the game's Agent Hunt multiplayer mode will now be available to all players from the beginning. Previously, gamers were required to complete one of the game's campaigns to access the mode.

Capcom addressed some of the game's complaints--such as the close-up camera angles and the locked-off Ada Wong campaign--in its last title update, which was released in December.

Resident Evil 6 received a 4.5 in its GameSpot critique, with the review stating that "this long, poor sequel is the ultimate test of patience for even the most dedicated."

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