Resident Evil 5 PlayStation Move Hands-On

We went hands-on with the new motion-controller-enabled version of Resident Evil 5.


Resident Evil 5 will be over 18 months old by the time PlayStation Move arrives, but the game is bound to get a new lease on life in November when Sony's motion controller launches. Owners of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition will receive the Move update for free over the PlayStation Network as soon as it hits stores, but we got to put it through its paces early at this year's E3.

The E3 demo featured the same section of gameplay as the demo released for the original game and takes place roughly at the beginning of the story. This section is combat-heavy, making it a perfect place to test out the Move controls, but it's worth noting that the entire game will be playable with the Move. You'll also still be able to play the game in co-op with another person using the standard DualShock 3 controller.

The controls are fairly simple and will be familiar to players of the game. You can opt to aim using the trigger on the main Move controller or the navigation controller, at which point you wave the motion controller around to aim. While aiming, you then use the Move button to fire and shake the controller to reload. When you're not aiming, a shake of the remote will result in a swipe of your knife, and it can also fend off a close-up zombie attack.

The Move support worked well, and while it took some getting used to, we were enjoying the new system by the end of the demo. Move support will be available only for owners of Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition on the PlayStation 3. Capcom states that the game was rebuilt for this edition to allow for the update, so Move support is impossible for the original game. The update will arrive when the Move launches, which is currently scheduled for September 15 in Europe and September 19 in North America.

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