Reports: More staff sue Tecmo

According to news on Japanese Web sites, employees are launching a class-action suit at the Tokyo District Court for unpaid overtime.


The creator of Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive, Tomonobu Itagaki, quit Japanese developer Tecmo earlier this month and claimed that it owed him close to a cool million dollars. On announcing his departure, Itagaki also said he would be suing the company in an attempt to get his hands on the cash.

On June 16, more Tecmo employees followed him, filing a lawsuit with the Tokyo District Court for unpaid wages totalling ¥8.3 million ($77,000), reports the Japanese-language Game Watch Impress.

The suit alleges that four years ago, Tecmo illegally placed workers on a "flexible hours" scheme, reports Kotaku. It reports that under the new regime, overtime wasn't paid--and has been clocked up at a constant 100 hours or so per month.

The two plaintiffs who filed the case reportedly represent all 300 Tecmo employees, and also claim that the company created false documents and covered up accounting records.

Tecmo declined to comment on the reports at this time.

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