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Report: Steam Controller goes on sale this fall, 500 games natively playable on SteamOS by the end of the year

Source says Valve's new controller will launch in October or November 2014; number of SteamOS games reportedly on the rise.

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Valve's new and innovative Steam Controller will officially go on sale this fall, a "trusted hardware source" told PC Gamer at PAX East this weekend. The controller will release in October or November of 2014, the source specified. Pricing details were not mentioned.

The latest version of the prototype Steam Controller was shown off in mid-March, with Valve revealing a new version that introduced Xbox 360-style A, B, X, and Y buttons in between the two track-pads.

PC Gamer's source went on to say that the finalization of the Steam Controller design was the "final piece" that would preface general availability for the Steam Machine systems themselves. Valve has already said that its line of Steam Machines should be available later on in 2014, so the rumored release window for the Steam Controller isn't all that surprising.

Finally, the site's source said that they are anticipating that "about 500" games will be natively playable through SteamOS by the end of 2014. PC Gamer notes that this is up from the current figure of 382.

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