Renegade Kid stakes Son of the Dragon

Dementium creator says development has halted on Dracula-inspired title that was to be published by Gamecock; new secret project in the works.


Gamecock Media Group had a strut within the industry to match its name, but the publisher struggled to back up its boasts with a string of quality titles. Arguably the greatest success the publisher enjoyed was Renegade Kid's Dementium: The Ward. An innovative first-person shooter for the DS, Dementium was heralded by critics for its technical prowess and atmospheric sound design.

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Unfortunately, with Gamecock now pecking in Southpeak Games' pen, the publishing deal it struck with Renegade Kid for an unannounced title has lost its steam. In a post to the developer's Web site this week, Renegade Kid confirmed that it has halted work on its title, which was to be inspired by Bram Stoker's Dracula.

"Some of you may have heard about a secret 'Dracula' game that we signed with Gamecock in 2008," the developer wrote. "It brings us no pleasure to announce that it is no longer in development." Renegade Kid did, oddly, announce that the official title of the game would be Son of the Dragon and said that it hopes to return to the project sometime in the future.

It wasn't entirely bad news from Renegade Kid, though. Having shipped its Mastiff-published DS shooter Moon in January, Renegade Kid said that it has already begun development on its next project. Though no details on the mystery project were revealed, the developer said it hopes to have more information to share later this year.

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