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Remnant 2 Archetypes: How To Unlock The Other Starting Classes And More

You can only start with one, but many of the others are easy to grab.


When you first start Remnant II, you'll soon find that you can choose from a single archetype that will define your playstyle. Relatively early on in the game, though, you'll have a chance to select a secondary archetype to supplement your skillset. Additionally, you can change your main and secondary archetypes at any time, so to make that easy on you, we've put together a list of how to unlock every archetype.

In order to unlock a new archetype, you'll need to obtain its engram and take it to Wallace to craft a unique equippable item. Wallace can be found at the docks in a shack about halfway up the stairs. Be aware, though, that crafting each one of these archetype items requires Lumenite Crystals x10 and Scrap 1,500, which are in short supply early in the game--so it's probably best to be choosy.

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Here's where to get each starting archetype's engram in Ward 13, as well as several others you can find throughout the game.


Purchase the Old Metal Tool from Reggie, who you'll find playing chess behind a building with Mudtooth in the common area. Take it to Wallace to craft the Steel Enswell.


Purchase the Old Whistle from Mudtooth, who you'll find playing chess with Reggie in the common area. Take it to Wallace to craft the Silent Whistle.


Purchase the War Medal from Brabas, who can be found standing or walking around the firing range. Take it to Wallace to craft the Sniper War Medal.


Purchase the Medic Pin from Doc Norah at the medical bay behind the World Stone. Take it to Wallace to craft the Caduceus Idol.


The Gunslinger is available as a starter archetype if you preorder Remnant, but it's not the only way to play as one. It's a bit more in-depth, so we've put together a dedicated guide on how to unlock the Gunslinger archetype.


The Explorer archetype won't be available until you beat the game. Provided you satisfy that requirement, check our guide on how to unlock the Explorer.


Unlocking the Summoner requires obtaining something called Bloodmoon Essence. We've got a dedicated guide on how to unlock Summoner to take you through the process.


The Engineer archetype is very well-hidden and involves throwing yourself into an inevitable death. Here's how to unlock the Engineer.


Getting to play as an Alchemist requires an unusual set of steps, as you'll need to be deliberately grabbed by a particular enemy. Here's how to unlock the Alchemist archetype.


The Archon might be the trickiest archetype to unlock--in fact, we're not even yet certain about all of the steps required to do so. However, we do have a guide on how to unlock the Archon that outlines what we know so far, and we'll continue to update it as we learn more.


Invader is among the tougher archetypes to unlock, requiring a fairly substantial time investment. Check out our full guide on how to unlock the Invader archetype for all of the steps.

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