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Remnant 2: How To Unlock The Summoner Archetype With Bloodmoon Essence

If you want to summon creatures as pets, this is the class for you.


Remnant II is all about archetypes, giving you plenty of choice on how to build your character and cater to your own unique playstyle. However, at the beginning of the game, you're asked to choose only one archetype for the beginning of your journey, leaving others to be found throughout your journey. One of these additional archetypes, the Summoner, is a pet class that can wreak havoc on enemies by using and sacrificing minions--not unlike a necromancer in other games. Here's how to unlock the Summoner archetype.

How to unlock the Summoner archetype in Remnant 2

The item required to unlock the Summoner archetype can only be found in Yaesha. Your first goal is to round up a total of 15 Bloodmoon Essence, which can be obtained by shooting down the floating pinkish-red orbs you'll see flying around Yaesha's overworld areas. These show up during a blood moon and should be fairly plentiful, so shoot down as many as you can, as they're also used to craft additional items beyond the one needed for unlocking the Summoner archetype.

Bloodmoon Altars will show up as a blue icon on your minimap.
Bloodmoon Altars will show up as a blue icon on your minimap.

When you get your hands on at least 15 Bloodmoon Essence, you'll need to seek out a Bloodmoon Altar. These spawn in random places around Yaesha's overworld areas, meaning you'll have to do some exploring to find them. You'll see them as a blue stone of sorts on your map when they're nearby, so they're not too difficult to spot once you're in their vicinity.

Approach the altar and interact with it to open a merchant menu. Here, you can exchange Bloodmoon Essence for a variety of useful items and armor pieces that will be useful for the Summoner archetype. Right now, though, you're here for the very first item on the list--the Faded Grimoire. When you have it in your possession, it's time to head back to Ward 13.

If you want to get the Summoner archetype, buy the very first item in the list.
If you want to get the Summoner archetype, buy the very first item in the list.

In Ward 13, you'll need to head to Wallace and speak with him. He can be found at the dock in a shack about halfway up the stairs. You'll probably remember this NPC as the person who gave you your very first archetype at the beginning of the game.

Exchange the Faded Grimoire with Wallace to receive the Tome of the Bringer, which you can then equip on the Archetype page in your menu to become a Summoner. You can use this as your primary or secondary archetype, so be sure you consider which will suit your playstyle best.

While you're already speaking with Wallace, be sure to check out how to respec your trait points.

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