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Remnant 2 Has A Whole Class That Could Only Be Unlocked Through Datamining

The developers of Remnant 2 fully intended for dataminers to crack the secret of the Archon archetype.


Rumors of a top-secret Archon archetype were rife since Remnant 2 released the other week, but it took skilled dataminers and a hint from a developer to unlock the game's 11th class. As revealed by Remnant 2's principal designer, the archetype was designed to be found by dataminers--because if you can't stop people from doing it, why not leave a fun secret for them instead?

Remnant 2 has 11 classes in total, with some available from the start of the game, and others locked behind in-game challenges of varying difficulties. The Archon archetype was an outlier, as dataminers had found evidence it existed in the game files, but couldn't figure out all the steps to unlock it.

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While many players theorized that the Archon archetype was locked by the developers and would be released down the track, Gunfire Games developer Ben Cureton took to Twitter to encourage the fans investigating the Archon's mysteries to keep going, saying: "To unlock the Archon in Remnant 2, one must penetrate the code itself."

With that hint, it wasn't long before players pieced together the last piece of the puzzle--a very specific loadout that has to be equipped to unlock the corrupted aura, which allows players to enter a secret door hidden within the Labyrinth. As another little Easter egg, the required equipment looks very similar to the outfit worn by NPC Ford.

If you want to unlock the Archon archetype for yourself, check out our full guide to the in-depth process here.

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