Reggie Fils-Aime Reveals His Favorite Moments As Nintendo Of America President

The longtime and beloved gaming executive says his "my body is ready" comment was a career highlight.


Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently retired from his executive position at the gaming giant. In a new interview, Fils-Aime shared some of his favorite memories from his 15 years at Nintendo, and you guessed it, his "my body is ready" comment is one of his favorite memories from his time with the Mario company.

"There are so many," Fils-Aime said in an interview with GamerTag Radio. "Everything from my very first E3 and the famous words, 'My name is Reggie I'm about kicking ass and taking names and we're about making games.' That was a phenomenal moment. At that same E3, when we played a Zelda trailer for what became Twilight Princess, and having the media cry ... I mean literally! The jaded media. These folks had tears streaming down their faces."

"The event where we launched the Wii and myself, Mr. Iwata, Mr. Miyamoto and a contestant who had won the opportunity to play live with us on stage. That was a magical moment."

Fils-Aime also singled out the demo for Wii Fit as a favorite memory of his, when he said the immortal worlds: "My body is ready."

Overall, Fils-Aime said having to choose a single favorite memory from his 15 years at Nintendo would be like asking him to pick a favorite child.

"Each one was different. Each one was special. Each one helped drive the business, the brand, the products forward. That's what made those 15 years with the company so special," he said.

Fils-Aime is now involved with charity initiatives, while he also sits on the board of directors at GameStop, Spin Master, and Brunswick.

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