'Reflections' with kev1n

Episode 22 of 'Reflections' is with kev1n, Top laner of Millenium. The ex-SK man talks about his history with the team and the Top lane.


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Kevin 'kev1n' Rubiszewski, Top laner of Millenium, is the star of the 22nd episode of 'Reflections'.

Why was Gangplank successful for kev1n against Wickd and CLG.EU in S2? Did he consider going Mid lane for Millenium? Should SK have replaced ocelote for LCS Summer last year? Who is the strongest Top laner he has faced? Is Zorozero the best EU Top laner?

Time line of topics discussed:

  • 00:10 Intro
  • 00:20 Playing with Candy Panda and Nyph in Gamed!de in S1.
  • 01:02 How he thinks of the four man combo that stuck together for so long?
  • 01:48 Trying to recruit junglers into SK.
  • 03:42 What was good about the SK line-up with Araneae?
  • 04:28 Kev1n doing well with Gangplank against Wickd and CLG.EU in S2.
  • 05:44 How good was Kev1n when Wickd and Darien were on top?
  • 06:08 Kev1n and ocelote swapping positions in 2012.
  • 06:41 Was it considered for Kev1n to go mid in Millenium instead?
  • 07:14 Does he mind playing the tank meta?
  • 07:48 Do tanks have to be played?
  • 08:36 What would he play if he moved to Mid lane now?
  • 09:14 ocelote in LCS Summer and the possibility of replaced him then.
  • 10:50 Did he consider keeping SK together after LCS Summer?
  • 12:01 Thoughts on the initial NiP line-up he was to be a part of?
  • 12:57 The public perception that Zorozero is the best top laner.
  • 13:58 Was Bjergsen leaving totally out of the blue?
  • 15:26 Trying out for Alliance.
  • 16:27 Initial expectations and what is holding Millenium back.
  • 18:54 Millenium's trend of doing well early and then not knowing what to do afterwards.
  • 20:03 The hardest Top laner to face in his career?
  • 21:27 Jwaow
  • 22:19 Are there EU solo queue stars who could be good in competitive teams?
  • 23:22 Final words/Outro.

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