Readers Respond: GeForce3 and Doom III

GameSpot readers share their thoughts about the recently revealed game from Id Software and the new graphics chip from Nvidia.


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Earlier this week at the Macworld Expo in Tokyo, John Carmack of Id Software was invited up on stage during a surprise presentation of the GeForce3 graphics card from Nvidia. Carmack helped show off the power of the new graphics chip with an in-game demonstration of a new Doom game. The in-engine demonstration featured a number of very detailed character models, as well as some realistic environments with advanced lighting and shadow effects.

GameSpot readers are excited about the new game and the advancement in graphics technology. David Godin noted, "The difference in quality of visuals between Doom III to Quake III Arena is as large as the step from software to hardware 3D rendering." Paul Klausing posted his admiration of the speed that Carmack and Id Software have developed new engines, writing, "Doom III is sure to revolutionize the gaming industry by bringing movie-quality gameplay to games." Reader Nick Coombe applauded the technology as well, noting that "We've been stuck with the same aesthetic paradigm for over half a decade, and it seems that finally, with games like Doom III, we will step beyond into the realm of the interactive experience."

Not all readers were quite as enthusiastic. A reader known as digitalcloud lamented the fact that the chip will first be released for the Macintosh: "We PC people help build that company and they put that thing in a Mac first. Sad, sad day it is." Stoomoncher from Florida agreed, writing that the advanced graphic technology will find its primary market in the gaming world, and that Apple traditionally has not embraced the gaming community.

To see the complete list of reader responses, and for more information about the GeForce3 presentation, read our Nvidia reveals GeForce3 article and watch the complete video presentation, which is linked below.

What's your opinion about Nvidia's decision to first release the GeForce3 on the Macintosh? Will Doom III live up to its predecessors? Share your thoughts in Talkback below, and head over to the GameSpot forums to talk with other GameSpot readers.

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