Rare's New Making-Of Video Looks at Kameo

The video goes into detail about its history as a GameCube game.


The video game compilation Rare Replay released last year with behind-the-scenes videos that featured most of the 30 included games. Kameo: Elements of Power was one of the games that went without a making-of video, but now developer Rare has released one on YouTube that goes into the game's development on the GameCube, all the way up to its release on the Xbox 360.

Rare did early work on Kameo on the Nintendo 64 after the team finished with Donkey Kong 64. The game was eventually moved to the GameCube and was shown in an early state at E3 before being moved to Xbox and then the Xbox 360.

The video highlights some interesting facts such as Rare being influenced by Pokemon, Nintendo, and Resident Evil while making Kameo over the years. It was also the first Rare game to feature an orchestral soundtrack.

Rare Replay received a score of 8 in GameSpot's review, which said, "Much of Rare Replay is old material, but that's OK when so many of Rare's games easily stand the test of time."

If you're interested in seeing more behind-the-scenes videos of Rare's history, you can check out Banjo Kazooie's predecessor right here or watch other making-of videos on Rare's YouTube channel.

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