Rainbow Six Siege PC Patch Is Live On Test Server, Addressing Several Bugs

The update is currently only on the test server, the full patch notes are listed below.


A new update for Rainbow Six Siege is now live in the game's PC test server, testing the patch's new bug fixes before they go live in the regular game. As per the patch notes, this update is geared fixing Aruni and her unique Surya Laser Gate gadget.

The update fixes a bug that was causing Surya Laser Gates to appear deactivated if players were over 20 meters away, which messed with the plans of both defenders and attackers. Additionally, a bug has been fixed that was causing Surya Laser Gates (as well as Kaid's Rtila Electroclaw) to incorrectly pulse when disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenade or seen via IQ's Electronics Detector.

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Aruni is a defender operator; she was added in December 2020's Operation Neon Dawn expansion. Aruni can erect a laser grid over doorways and windows with her Surya Laser Gate, denying an attacker operator's entry and destroying projectile gadgets.

Beyond Aruni, the update addresses an issue tied to destroying barricades by vaulting and a bug preventing IQ from detecting defender's phones. All in all, it's a small update, and in the full patch notes Ubisoft reminds players that "all changes made in the [test server] are for testing purposes and do not have any guaranteed impact on the live-servers."

Rainbow Six Siege March 8 Update Patch Notes


  • FIXED – When players vault over a prop or through an entryway in a wall, nearby barricades are destroyed.


  • FIXED – Aruni's Surya Gate appears deactivated to players over 20 M away.
  • FIXED – Aruni's Surya Gate and Kaid's Rtila Electroclaw incorrectly display a pulsing effect when disabled by Thatcher's EMP Grenade and viewed through IQ's Electronics Detector.
  • FIXED – Defender phones don't display a pulsing effect when detected by IQ's Electronic's Detector.

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