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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation White Noise Operators And Map Details Revealed

Three deadly new Operators and a beautiful new map.

Rainbow Six Siege's Pro Finals are well underway, and with them comes new details about the latest expansion for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One game. We got our hands on Operation White Noise and tried its new operators and its beautiful new map, Mok Myeok Tower, and you can see all the new gameplay footage in our video above. We're still waiting on a release date, but technical test servers for Operation White Noise go live on November 20.

We knew Operation White Noise was bringing a "high-tech communications tower" in Seoul to the game, but now we got to check out this beautiful new level for ourselves. It's a three level map where defenders get the bottom two floors and attackers get the top two floors plus exterior, providing lots of opportunity for vertical gunfights. The interior space puts both teams on even footing.

The first of the three new operators, Dokkaebi, is focused on hacking cameras and opponents' cell phones, which is a major game changer for attackers. The other attacker, Zofia, fires concussion and impact grenades at range, allowing her to play a key support role. The third Operator, defender Vigil, has an ability that renders him invisible to drones and cameras, a good counterpoint to Dokkaebi.

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Rainbow Six Siege's free weekend ends today on PS4 for PS Plus subscribers and on Xbox One owners with a Xbox Live Gold membership. You can also pick up the game at a 60% discount until November 27. Players who purchase the game after the free weekend will be able to carry their progress over to the full title. Many retailers are also offering discounts on Rainbow Six Siege as part of their Black Friday sales; Walmart will have the title for $19, while the Gold Year 2 Edition will be $25 at Best Buy.

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