Rainbow Six Siege: New Grim Sky Operators Detailed

Maverick and Clash are Siege's new Operators.


Rainbow Six Siege continues to expand, and it will soon do so once more with Operation Grim Sky. The new DLC drop adds two new Operators, Maverick and Clash, and reworks an old map. Now, Ubisoft has finally revealed all the details on the Operators.

Clash, as we suspected from previous teasers, carries a shield similar to the one used by Montagne. The shield is always fully extended when equipped and, although she cannot hold a gun while using her shield, it does have an added electricity shot capability that slows enemies while dealing a small amount of damage. Her ability makes her the first defender to carry a shield and a useful support Operator, allowing her to gather intel on enemy positions and distracting them while teammates pick them off.

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The new attacker is named Maverick, and his unique tool is a blowtorch that can burn through reinforced walls silently. Ostensibly an alternative to Hibana and Thermite, he can open up objective rooms to allow greater lines of sight--and kill opportunities. However, it takes a while to burn larger holes, making it difficult to stay alive long enough to burn a sufficiently large hole to crawl through. When combined with smoke grenades and Glaz's thermal scope, however, Maverick's blowtorch can be lethal.

You can watch gameplay of both Operators in the video above. There's also footage of the buffed Consulate map--which has had some small tweaks applied such as new wall placements--and the completely reworked Hereford Base, which is almost unrecognizable from its previous form. Ubisoft has not yet confirmed an exact release date for the new season of content; it merely states Operation Grim Sky will come to the test server on August 20 and to live servers on PS4, Xbox One, and PC in September.

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