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Rainbow Six Siege Gameplay Footage Leaks

Closed alpha reveals a new level set on a plane.


New gameplay footage of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege has surfaced from the game's closed alpha.

The footage shows the same kind of multiplayer hostage rescue gameplay we've seen when Rainbow Six Siege was first revealed in E3 2014, but on a new level set on a plane. The video also showed how players can set up barriers to block doorways and create cover.

At the time of writing, a version of the video was still live on YouTube, but it's likely to be removed soon.

It seems the original video was posted to the French website, which has since been taken down. The video was posted to Daily Motion, but was removed from that site as well due to a copyright claim from developer and publisher Ubisoft. A gallery of images that was posted to an imgur gallery was also taken down.

Ubisoft recently announced that players can sign up for a closed alpha of the game, which may explain where the new footage came from.

You can still find a couple of the images as well as more details about the closed alpha on Reddit, but they're from an unofficial source, so take them with a grain of salt.

Siege was announced during E3 in 2014, though it's not altogether a "new" game. It is the game that rose from the ashes of Rainbow Six Patriots, which Ubisoft effectively canceled. It plays a lot like Counter-Strike, with one team trying to save hostages from the enemy team. It made a great impression at E3 with its destructible environments, allowing players to shoot and blow up walls and floors to make their own path.

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