Rage 2 Trailer Coming Soon, Bethesda Teases [Update]

Bethesda seems to be pointing out that something is coming on May 14.


Update 5: Sure enough Rage 2 is real. Bethesda has released an announcement trailer for the new game, with a gameplay trailer set to follow soon after. We don't know how much we'll be learning about the game, but a full reveal by the time of Bethesda's E3 2018 press conference seems like a fair bet.

Update 4: A trailer for a new Rage game is coming this Monday, apparently, while more teaser images popped up as well.

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Update 3: The latest teaser image is here, and this one's a bit more on-the-nose than the others. It doesn't have the same pink paint as the earlier ones, but it does show what looks to be a character from Rage standing in line to enter a building with Anarchy Tours on the door. The original Rage came in a special Anarchy Edition, so there is some tie to suggest this is Rage-related. We'll likely get a better idea on May 14.

Update 2: Another teaser has arrived. It shows a busy street in what could be London, following the earlier Big Ben teaser image. Again, we see the same pink color all over the image, though there is seemingly nothing directly tying this to Rage 2.

Update: Bethesda has shared another teaser image on Twitter, further reinforcing the theories that May 14 will bring some kind of announcement. This one features a rocket firing into space with the numbers "5-14" adorned on the side. It's clear that something is coming on Monday.

Rage 2 still seems to be a likely candidate, assuming the Walmart listing for it was not an error. The smoke left behind the rocket is the same pink color that was used in Bethesda's tweets about the Rage 2 listing. Whether that means anything at this point is unclear, but the choice of color between each of these posts is telling. Whether the actual images--the rocket and Big Ben--have any meaning remains to be seen. The original story follows the tweet.

Bethesda appears to be teasing an upcoming announcement with a vague image of the Big Ben clocktower in London, England. A tweet consists only of an image of the tower, with bright pink streaks of graffiti across its face. The Internet is already scouring the image for clues.

Recently Walmart Canada appeared to have leaked several upcoming game announcements, including Rage 2 from Bethesda. The company had an uncharacteristic reaction for a publisher, publicly responding to the leak with gentle chiding. The official Twitter account for Rage made a point of mocking the placeholder image for using the wrong font and incorrect key art. All this is notable because the hot pink paint used for the anarchy logo and notes appear to be similar to the one on the Big Ben clock face. The paint even looks like it could be a partial anarchy symbol.

Also potentially a clue is the time, which is set at 5:14. That could correspond to a date, which would be this Monday. Altogether it seems possible that a Rage 2 announcement of some sort could be coming next week. Whether this would have been the original plan or if the company is just responding quickly to the cat being let out of the bag isn't clear.

Or, all this could be entirely off the mark and Bethesda is teasing something else entirely. With E3 2018 rapidly approaching, we'll know soon enough. Bethesda's E3 showcase is planned for Sunday, June 10 at 6:30 p.m. PT / 9:30 p.m. ET.

Bethesda has continued to release teaser images every day, each with a mildly different theme. Instead of abstract objects, these images focus more on images of people, or grotesque parts of them. All but one maintain the purple 5:14. You can check out the rest of the teasers revealed on Bethesda's Twitter in the gallery below.

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