R-Type III: The Third Lightning revealed for the GBA

The classic SNES game will be translated to the Game Boy Advance.


Phantagram studios has announced that it will publish developer Raylight Studios' GBA translation of the classic Super NES side-scrolling shooter R-Type III: The Third Lightning. R-Type III drops players in the middle of conflict with the evil Bydo Empire, which is exterminating human life. As Earth's last pilot, players will fly the untested R-90 across six different levels of high-intensity shooting gameplay.

The six levels in R-Type III include the Space Garbage Dump, the Bio-Organic Lair, the Crab Factory, the Foundry, Resurrection, and Dual Space. Aside from the ship's standard weapons, players can defend themselves in these areas with help from three unique force pod attachments--round force, shadow force, and cyclone force--that act as sidekicks to the main vehicle.

The game will support six different languages, including Italian, French, English, German, Spanish, and Japanese. R-Type III: The Third Lightning is currently scheduled for release by the third quarter of 2002. We'll have more on the game from the E3 show floor.

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