Quake II Add-On Cometh

Looking for new levels after beating Quake II? Head Games has the answer with new total conversion add-on.


Many people have already played through Quake II and are probably waiting for the flood of TCs (total conversions) to give Quake II extra punch by adding new weapons levels and new atmospheres. One such TC has surfaced, and GameSpot News got some inside info on Juggernaut for Quake II.

Over the weekend, we received information that Minneapolis, Minn.-based Head Games (best known for its retail add-ons Aftershock for Quake and the Aftershock Toolbox for Quake) is publishing the first conversion for Quake II. The game will include 650 new film-modeled textures, 26 new single-player and deathmatch levels, five new creatures, new sounds, and two new weapons (the blade and EMP guns).

On Monday, GameSpot News spoke to Chad Koehler, vice president of marketing for Head Games, who said that the add-on should be available today at Computer City stores nationwide for US$19.95. Over the course of the week, it should be available at other retailers. Sometime next week, Head Games should have its online purchasing area available if you'd like to order direct from the company.

When we asked Koehler about how the team got the add-on done so quickly, he answered that once the toolkits were available, the team didn't get much sleep.

Special thanks to Joost Schuur of Slipgate Central for helping with this article.

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