Quake 4 to use Punkbuster

Anticheat technology will be integrated into the multiplayer component of id Software's first-person shooter.


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Multiplayer games are fun--until someone begins to cheat. Developers know this and do all they can to install countermeasures to stop spineless cheaters from gaining an advantage over hard-working, honest gamers. Activision knows that its anticipated PC game Quake 4 will attract all sorts of nefarious types looking to frag others by any means necessary. To combat this, the publisher signed a contract with Even Balance Inc. to integrate its anticheating software directly into the multiplayer component of the game. The software works by scanning players' computers for known cheats, removing those red-flagged for cheating, and more. Other games currently outfitted with Punkbuster include Battlefield 2, Call of Duty, and Far Cry.

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