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We break down the many factions in the upcoming Puzzle Quest: Galactrix.


Puzzle Quest: Galactrix will suck you in with its easy and accessible gameplay, but on top of the addictive "match three hexes in a row" style, there's an intricate story about pirates, aliens, factions, and other space-related drama. We're here to give you a rundown of the 14 different factions you'll likely come across in your space quest so that you'll be better prepared.

It's you versus the Pirate Miner.
It's you versus the Pirate Miner.

Why should you care?

Factions are an integral part of Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. Your relationship with each faction is monitored, which will affect how easily you can move around the different systems. Each time you interact with a particular faction--that is, attack it with no remorse--it will remember what you did and hold it against you. You have a menu that keeps tabs on how well your relationship is going with each faction, so it shouldn't be a surprise when a ship comes after you in hostile territory.

Each star system, ship, shop, and station is run by a faction, so you can only imagine the kind of welcome you'd get if you were to try to buy from pirates after destroying five of their ships. As you interact with different factions in the Galactrix universe, you're constantly gaining or losing your standing with them. The factions have their own delicate relationships with one another, so if you're picking on one, another is bound to gain some more respect for you.

To complete quests and progress through the story, you'll need to travel through the galaxy, so be aware of what territory you're in, because wandering ships could be targeting you. The benefits of having a good standing with a particular faction is that if you need supplies, friendly factions will offer items at a better price. Trading with factions helps improve the relationship, as does taking on quests to help them with their intergalactic conflicts.

Think of it as your faction friendship bar.
Think of it as your faction friendship bar.

The Factions:

Human Factions: These four factions spawned from the four megacorporations that created the leapgate system. (Leapgates let you jump from one system to another.)

MRI: The Multinational Resource & Investment Group initiated the leapgate project. Its entire staff is composed of telepaths who are involved with selective-breeding programs to enhance their telepathic powers.

Lumina: A militaristic right-wing religious group, they help provide researchers with information needed to develop the quantum technology that the leapgates rely on. They still live on Earth and guard valuable information that has been collected over the course of many millennia.

Cy-Tech: This faction provided the software and AI needed to operate the leapgates. They began as a simple software company, but after the invention of their clever drones, they were able to take a bigger role in the leapgate program.

Trident: The Trident Corporation provided the ships and engines that were needed to move the leapgates through space and was the first organization to get unmanned ships to travel faster than light. It focuses primarily on military ships and has the biggest fleet in the galaxy. Other megacorporations are keeping a close eye on Trident because of its growing presence.

Alien Factions: There are many more alien factions, but the ones listed below are the most powerful ones.

Jahrwoxi: If "jawas" spring to mind, then you're pretty close. These are hairy little creatures that are dishonest and annoying, and they'll take anything that's not theirs.

Vortraag: These are lizardlike creatures that put up quite a resistance against the humans. A ferocious and powerful race, many actually flee their home planet and turn to piracy.

Krystalli: The MRI group is set on eliminating the few Krystalli that are left. They are silicon-based life-forms that are similar to slow-moving telepathic rocks.

The Jahrwoxi are annoying anyway.
The Jahrwoxi are annoying anyway.

Elysians: The empire moved in on the Elysians' planet because it was like paradise. It subsequently enslaved the small and frail Elysians and treated their planet like a tourist hot spot.

Quesada: The Quesadans are a deeply religious group and one of the few who have their religion officially sanctioned by the empire. Their planet is full of ancient secrets and treasures, which could also be why the empire has such a keen interest in them.

Degani: The Degani are known for their hospitality and the quality of their food.

Plasmids: These creatures are composed of small living crystals that move through water. They communicate using strange gurgling sounds and are almost invisible to humans.

Keck: Birdlike and nomadic in nature, Kecks are a merchant race that can be persistent and annoying.

Enemy Factions: These should be avoided unless you're looking to level.

Pirates: Pirates are usually found in the outermost star systems and in the Gomorrah system. They enjoy attacking transports and travelers passing through their territory.

The Soulless: These creatures are the product of the MRI's twisted experiments and happen to be faster and smarter than humans. They have no morals or inhibitions, yet they strive to become the perfect being.

As you can see, there's a lot going on in the Galactrix universe. Check out our recent hands-on preview of the game. For exclusive wallpapers, you can download them here. Be prepared to pilot your own ship and fight space pirates when Puzzle Quest: Galactrix is released on February 24, 2009 on the Nintendo DS and PC.

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