PUBG Update Adds Chickens, Who Will Reveal Your Location

The newest update for PUBG is coming early next month, and it adds chickens, new weapons, and DBNO swimming.


The newest update for the battle royale game PUBG has been detailed, and among its many new additions are chickens. The feathered friends now populate the Taego map, and they aren't just there to add more detail to the scenery. Developer Krafton said it added chickens to the game to amuse players, but the little birds also serve a purpose from a gameplay perspective.

The chickens will squawk when you get close, or when they hear gunfire or advancing vehicles, thereby giving away your location. In a tactical game like PUBG where staying undetected plays a major role, this could be a big deal. As explained in the video below, you can silence the chickens by killing them.

Elsewhere, the new PUBG update--which launches on November 3 for PC and November 11 on console--adds a new weapon, the Mortar. Exclusive to the Taego map, this weapon fires a huge projectile and is deadly at a distance, but it requires a good deal of skill and accuracy. Players fire the mortar to a place where they anticipate the enemy to be. Krafton said the mortar might be especially useful to smoke out teams hiding behind ridges or in other places where grenades cannot reach.

Another new weapon is the M79 smoke grenade launcher, which players can use to give themselves cover to advance to a new position or to help rescue a downed teammate.

A new traversal feature is in the update, too. PUBG's down-but-not-out state (DBNO) now includes swimming. Currently, anyone who is DBNO and in the water dies immediately, but with the upcoming update, players can swim in the DBNO state, thus improving their chances to survive until a teammate can revive them.

The full patch notes are available on the PUBG website, while a sampling can be seen below.


  • Once looted, it takes up a primary slot.
  • Deployment
    • It can only be deployed on flat surfaces.
      • It cannot be deployed on cement, iron, concrete, water, or wooden floors, or inside buildings.
      • Left-click to deploy the Mortar.
      • Press the “F” key to cancel deployment.
    • Requires three seconds for deployment.
  • Firing
    • The character crouches automatically once the firing mode gets activated.
    • The character cannot move until the firing mode gets released.
    • Player must have ammo in the inventory to fire.
    • There is a one-second delay between fires.
  • Modes
    • Normal Match
    • Custom Match
    • Custom Match Sandbox Mode
    • Not included in Ranked Season 14
  • Spawn
    • Mortar and ammo both spawn inside buildings.
      • Does not spawn in Supply Crates or Secret Rooms.
  • It can shoot between 121m to 700m in distance.


Our new M79 is a smoke grenade launcher that was created to provide quick smoke cover on longer ranges. Blind your enemies, cover your downed teammate or make a grand escape from a losing battle!

  • Weapon slot: Pistol slot
    • Cannot be used in a vehicle’s driver’s seat.
  • New ammo type: 40mm Smoke Grenade
    • Once it hits an object that’s more than 10m far away, the projectile will release the first smoke effect followed by a second one a few seconds later.
    • Once it hits an object that’s less than 10m far away but fails to explode on impact, only the second smoke effect will be released after 3 seconds.
    • Weight: 14
    • Max stack size: 5
    • World spawns in stacks of 1 to 3.
    • World spawns in stacks of 2 to 3 along with the M79.
  • Available Modes
    • Normal Matches
    • Custom Matches
    • Custom Match Sandbox Mode
    • Will not be available in Training Mode to prevent other players from getting interfered by the smoke effect. However, we will consider adding it in later updates.Spawn Location
    • World spawn
    • Damage to enemies: 0
    • Max firing range: 400m
    • Reloading speed: 3.5 – 4 seconds


To improve the survivability of players inside water, we are now supporting DBNO Swimming. Previously a player who enters DBNO while in the water would skip DBNO and instantly die. This made any deep water a hazardous area to traverse. Now a player will instead enter Swimming DBNO, a slow swimming state which gives the player a chance to reach the shore and be revived by teammates. Hopefully, you’ll feel more confident next time you get into a Boat or swim across that river!

  • DBNO Players can swim for at half of the normal speed.
  • The air a player has in their lungs is not reset when entering DBNO, so a player who was drowning will continue to drown in DBNO.
  • In DBNO a player is constantly losing HP. combined with drowning HP loss this means that a DBNO player will die within 10 seconds underwater.
  • Reviving underwater is impossible, and any ongoing revive is canceled when either player goes underwater or moves around too much.
  • It is possible to revive a swimming DBNO player while floating on the water.


We are proud to introduce the Chicken, a new creature that will hopefully amuse many players during fierce combats in Taego! “Chicken? Why the heck?” you might wonder. The answer to this question is left to your imaginations.

  • Three different conditions apply:
    • Calm
      • This is the default state and, at the same time, the most stable emotional state. Calm as a monk, and nothing special.
    • Fear
      • The Chickens fly, not, run for their lives in the following situations.
        • When hearing
          • Punching
          • Footsteps (except prone sound)
          • Gunshots
          • Engine and exhaust sounds
          • Other creatures die
    • Death
      • Sadly, there’s an end to everything. Taego’s amuser also passes away once hit. They take damages from guns and grenades, then turn into fried chicken upon death. Sorry, a bad joke, they go to where we all go.


Five new Taego areas have been added to the Team Deathmatch preset in Custom Matches.

  • Palace
  • Field
  • Market
  • Mountain
  • Shipyard


Improvements have been made to Team Deathmatch Taego areas.

  • Market
    • The initial spawn points for both teams have been changed from left/right to top/bottom.
    • The number of spawn points that lead to the roof has been reduced.
  • Mountain
    • The number of spawn points on the bottom left of the area has been reduced.
    • The distance between the remaining spawn points has been adjusted to within 30m.


Based on community feedback, we have adjusted the Taego and Paramo rulesets and spawn tables to better suit the Ranked play experience.

  • Taego
    • Adjusted the Blue Zone to better fit the 8km size map.
    • The following features will not be supported:
      • Emergency Landing
      • Emergency Pickup
      • Comeback BR
      • Secret Room
      • Error Space
    • The following items will not be supported:
      • Emergency Pickup
      • Self-AED
      • Secret Room Key
      • M79
      • Mortar
      • C4
      • Blue Zone Grenade
      • Spike Trap
  • Paramo
    • The size of each Blue Zone phase has been reduced and the moving speed has been increased. Therefore, the total playtime has been reduced to 18 minutes from the previous 21 minutes.
    • More items are spawned.
    • The following features will not be supported:
      • Secret Room Key
      • Panzerfaust
      • 8x Scope



  • Fixed the crash issue when pressing Alt+Tab in full screen after selecting the DX12 option in Settings.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to put down a DBNOed player after closing a door of a building.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to carry or put down a DBNOed enemy who has disconnected from the game.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to revive a DBNOed teammate who has disconnected from the game.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to scroll back up in the inventory of a dead player.
  • Fixed the issue of the center dot of a player’s crosshair not disappearing when switching to Freecam View in Observer Mode.
  • Fixed the issue of being unable to see the team list on the world map when a player goes through certain steps.
  • Fixed the issue of being able to shoot in the driver’s seat if a player goes through certain steps.
  • Fixed the issue of a normal kill message popping up instead of a teamkill message when a teammate kills a DBNOed teammate.
  • Fixed the issue of Sticky Bombs and C4s being attachable to a player riding a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue of backseat passengers of the Motor Glider receiving damage when the driver is shooting to the front with a Skorpion.
  • Fixed the volume issue of Panzerfausts and grenades not being affected even when the gameplay volume is lowered.


  • Fixed general bugs in Erangel and Paramo.


  • Fixed the perspective issue of TPP changing to FPP when an additional player joins a Solo/Duo party and changes the mode to Squad mode.
  • Fixed the issue of AUG being shown as “AUG_A3” in the Weapons filter menu of the Customize tab.
  • Fixed the awkward transition issue when moving from Overview to Stats in the Career tab.
  • Fixed the issue of the level and BATTLESTAT symbol overlapping each other on Progressive item icons in the Obtained Weapons window.


※ Clipping issue: Graphics that are shown outside the visible part of an image/object.

  • Fixed the clipping issue when female character equips Floptop Hoodie with Hindsight Shirt, Golf Polo Shirt, or Dress Shirt and Tie.
  • Fixed the transparent ankle issue when equipping Dinoland Mascot Suit with Moon Seeker Boots.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when female character equips Colorwave Cardigan with a short sleeve/sleeveless top.
  • Fixed the glove clipping issue when equipping Midnight Equalizer Jacket with Skullface Stunt Gloves.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when female character equips JENNIE’s BLACKPINK Leggings with PGI.S Tactical Pants.
  • Fixed the transparent waist issue when female character equips specific tops with bottoms.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when female character equips Cheerleader Top with Floptop Hoodie.

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