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PUBG Getting Destructible Environments And Switching To Unreal Engine 5

PUBG is changing things up.


Major changes are afoot for the battle royale game PUBG, as it's been announced that the popular multiplayer game is getting destructible environments and switching to Unreal Engine 5. In a roadmap blog post, the developer confirmed both these changes and much more.

For destructible environments, Krafton said giving players the ability to "strategically destroy sections of buildings" will add a new level of skill and strategy to the game. "This feature hopes to go beyond mere environmental destruction, infusing the game with an enriched layer of strategy and tactics," Krafton said.

Games like Battlefield have had destructible environments for years. In the battle royale space, Fortnite's environments are destructible, but Call of Duty: Warzone doesn't offer this.

In PUBG, Krafton said the game's upcoming destruction elements "are expected to add dynamism to the game and create unpredictable situations, necessitating players to change their strategies flexibly according to circumstances."

Some of the new destructible environment features are going live in an update to come in April, with further updates and improvements to the system over time. Krafton also noted that destructible environments are in "discussions" now, so this sounds like a feature Krafton is considering but might not necessarily actually see through to release.

Also in the roadmap blog post, Krafton said it's switching PUBG to the Unreal Engine 5 later this year. Beyond that, Krafton said it is also "laying the groundwork" to create a user-generated content platform for PUBG. "This ambitious initiative aims to empower our players with the tools to craft and engage with their own content, fostering a vibrant, creator-driven ecosystem. By strategically channeling our development efforts into these key projects, we're setting the stage for PUBG's enduring legacy as a game that continuously grows and thrives through community innovation," Krafton said.

Whether the switch to Unreal Engine 5 or introduction destructible environments will be available on PC only or also across console and mobile is unknown.

Be sure to check out the full PUBG roadmap blog post to learn lots more about how PUBG is changing in 2024 and beyond.

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