PSP in the Killzone

Onetime "Halo killer" does third-person duty on Sony's handheld; Liberation begins later this year.


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The Killzone franchise has made quite a name for itself in the last year. The funny thing is, the series' lone game was released more than 15 months ago. Killzone, released in November 2004 for the PlayStation 2, was heralded to be an answer to the Xbox's top gun, Halo, but received lukewarm reviews.

Even with tepid reception from critics, Guerrilla's futuristic first-person shooting series has gained heaps of momentum well after its release. At last year's E3, gamers had near cardiac arrests when Sony showed the PlayStation 3 Killzone trailer--though confusion reigned over its authenticity.

Today, Sony Computer Entertainment America officially announced that a new Killzone will be coming out in the fourth quarter of this year...for the PSP. Killzone: Liberation, unlike its forebear and presumably unlike its next-gen brother, will not be a first-person shooter, but will instead adopt a third-person perspective.

Liberation takes place two months after the events of the original Killzone in the familiar postapocalyptic battle zone of southern Vetka. Players will take up various futuristic arms against the Helghast and their maniacal leader, Metrac, as Templar, one of the playable characters from the original.

Guerrilla Games, which was acquired by Sony in December 2005, is handling the game's development. No pricing or rating information has been announced.

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