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PSA: Sony Giving Away $10 Credit To Some PlayStation Plus Members

Check your PlayStation account. You might've gotten $10 for free if you're a PS Plus subscriber.


Having launched a decade ago in June 2010 during the PlayStation 3 era, Sony is now celebrating PlayStation Plus's 10-year anniversary by giving loyal subscribers PlayStation Store credit for free.

Sony is handing out a free $10 credit to at least some PlayStation Plus subscribers. There's no need to redeem a code or do anything on your part; the credit, should you receive it, will be automatically awarded to you and will sit in your PlayStation wallet. "Thank you for choosing PlayStation Plus," the notification message from the company reads.

Hey, free money is free money.
Hey, free money is free money.

It's unclear exactly what the requirements are to receive the free $10 credit. Some at GameSpot have received the credit, while others have not. We've contacted Sony to get clarification on the matter., but those who have received it thus far seem to be people who have subscribed for years. To check to see if you've been rewarded the celebratory gift, you can check your Account Profile on the official PlayStation Store by logging in and clicking your profile icon at the top right of the page. You should also have received a message via PSN.

Also in celebrating PlayStation Plus's 10-year anniversary, the company is giving away a free theme to any PlayStation user. You can download it directly from the PlayStation Store.

While July may be almost over, this month's free PlayStation Plus games are still up for grabs. This time around, you can download Erica, NBA 2K20, and Rise of the Tomb Raider free of charge.

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